Friday, October 7, 2016

2015 Fitness Goal - Touching My Toes Update 21 Months

Argh its that time again.  Its been another 6 months since I updated my progress on touching my toes and frankly its not going that well.  Here is the progress graph, I have officially reached stall out speed.

If you missed them here are my previous posts on the subject

2015 Fitness Goal - Touching My Toes

2015 Fitness Goal - Touching My Toes Update

Here is the progress graph

March 2016 and September 2016

In all my current glory

Although compared to the end of 2015 it doesn't look quite so depressing

We moved houses over the summer so a lot of bands, rollers and other various contraptions were packed away in boxes for a while.  So I had been a little lax on continuing my exercises.  To compound the problem the slow progress has blunted my enthusiasm for painful stretches.  Because of the lack of equipment and the fact that our new house has a hardwood floors on the main floor I added some dynamic type stretching and movements that I could just whip out and do whenever.

Stiff Bear Crawl -  basically keep your legs straight and try to crawl small steps at a time

What it looks like in action

It definitely seems like I'm not getting much bang for my buck on the random stretching and mobility work I'm currently doing.  I don't really have a good plan or set rotation for improving my toe touch at this point.  It currently consists of random sessions when I have some free time typically in the evenings.  I'm still doing yoga once a week.  That all worked up until this point, so starting this month that is about to change.  I've signed up for an online gymnastics course .  Its an online training program called Gymnastic Bodies setup by ex USA gymnastics coach Christopher Sommer.  I've signed up for just the front split stretching series and it was $75.  It is 45 mins once a week and I have to say its pretty brutal.  As of this writing I've done it three times.  I'm hoping this will kick start my progress again with a more structured approach.  We will see....

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